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At Tafelmusik our ethos is simple.
Love music.

Whether you’re young, not so young, just starting out, have years of experience or just want to listen, we want you to love music. 

Piano Groups at Tafelmusik

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Junior Piano Club

For young pianists who just love the piano

Our Junior Piano Group is a great opportunity for young, enthusiastic pianists to come together and enjoy the instruments they learn to play.

Students from ages 7 to 15 of any ability are welcome to come along.

We meet on a number of occasions throughout the year, usually twice per term.
Parents are also welcome to come along and see what we do.

During our meetings we do activities to help develop the various skills you need to be a successful musician. There’s the opportunity to perform to our peers and play together in ensemble pieces such as duets. We also get the chance to use other percussion-based instruments to help us with our rhythmic and listening skills.

All that we ask is that you have started lessons and are able to play some simple tunes.

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Enjoy the piano

For adults who just love the piano

Enjoy the Piano was set up to bring together adult piano lovers.

We all know that playing the piano can be quite a solitary hobby and many of us often relish the chance to get together with other enthusiasts.

Our regular meetings give you the opportunity to meet other keen pianists and share your love for your instrument.

With a coffee in hand, we bring our current projects and pieces we love to play to share them with others. There’s plenty of chat too.

And you if you just want to listen, that’s okay.

We like to have some fun too.

It’s not just about solo playing. We love our duets, trios and works for two pianos. We always have a selection of music so that we can play together. No practice necessary.


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Concerts at Tafelusik

The perfect way to showcase your passion.
Celebrate your music making.

We know that the opportunity to perform can be one of the most valuable experiences when learning to play a musical instrument.

Many of our students use our performance opportunities to celebrate their music making or as a focus for practice.

Perhaps you’re looking to build your confidence or combat your performance nerves. Maybe you would like to showcase your pieces in preparation for an upcoming exam.

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The JPR Concert Room

Our home in Oxton boasts its very own space dedicated to performing.

The JPR Concert Room is home to our Estonia concert grand piano, a great experience in itself for many musicians.

Our refurbished room was opened in 2014 by Vasily Petrenko, Chief Conductor of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.

We can accommodate audiences of between 30 and 40, so remember to invite your family and friends to watch you perform.

This room also hosts many of our music examinations.

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Concerts at The Williamson Art Gallery & Museum

In addition to our own performance space, we are proud to be long-standing friends of the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum in Oxton.

Our regular concerts here allow us to accommodate larger audiences and put on showcase which include soloists, ensembles, The Tafelmusik Choir and our children’s music workshops.

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The perfect audience

Everyone is welcome to attend. Each concert guarantees a friendly audience. Bring along your family; bring along your friends.

Choir at Tafelmusik

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Tafelmusik Choir

Singing for pleasure. Singing together. Sing your heart out.

The Tafelmusik Choir brings together enthusiastic singers from all levels from 15 years upwards.

You don’t need to be having lessons, you just need to love singing. We don’t have auditions, we just ask that you bring your best voice.

We don’t meet all year round but come together for occasions such as concerts for events, Christmas and at the end of academic year.

A wide-ranging repertoire

Our repertoire covers various different genres of music and we like to sing a range of music at any one time. Classical, traditional, popular, jazz, music from stage and screen.


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Concerts & Clubs
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