Children's Music Workshops

Introducing the wonderful world of music.

Our Children’s Music Workshops are designed to bring the joy of music to children and prepare them for a lifetime of music-making.

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Start your child’s musical journey

Tafelmusik Children’s Music Workshops are designed to enable a child to understand and enjoy the language of music.

We offer creative and lively workshops to children aged between 4 and 8 years. In each 45 minute workshop, children discover the language of music through singing, musical games, activities, movement and playing.

Our curriculum builds skills and knowledge while the children enjoy making music.

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The building blocks

The key elements of our workshops are singing & movement, playing, reading and listening.

Each child has their own set of percussion instruments, known as a ‘kit’. It consists of bells, a triangle, a tambourine, a maraca and claves.

We also introduce the glockenspiel and regularly use a variety of other percussion instruments. Our instruments are used to play along to music, creatively developing a sense of rhythm and pulse.

Children are encouraged to express themselves and explore music, developing their skills without realising they are learning.

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Developing skills

We believe our workshops are a valuable way to start the journey to becoming a well-equipped musician.

We build upon fundamental musical skills such as pulse, reading, listening, pitch, vocabulary and ensemble playing. As part of your child’s musical journey, they will also begin to build social and communication skills and increase confidence.

As we build upon all of these elements, your child will be ready to progress onto playing a musical instrument in the future.

How Our Children’s Music Workshops Work

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Workshop times

Workshops at Tafelmusik run during three terms of the year: Autumn, Spring and Summer.

Workshops are held on Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Our workshops operate on a term-by-term basis, and you would come at the same time each week during term time.

Your commitment for workshops is one term at a time (or the remainder if you start mid-way through).

Our terms dates at Tafelmusik in Oxton generally follow those of most local schools. No workshops occur during the Summer, Winter, and Spring holidays or during half-terms.

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from 1 September 2022

Children’s music workshops £8.50

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How to pay for your music lessons

Workshop fees for a term are paid in advance by bank transfer or card.
You can download our full Terms and Conditions here.

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It's time to try!

Generations of musical adventures have started with our Children’s Music Workshops – now it’s your turn.

To allow you to see for yourself the benefits of music education with Tafelmusik, you are invited to bring your child to experience their first workshop free of charge. 

Ready to begin your journey?

We’re here to help you get started.