Music Lessons Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing Tafelmusik / Wirral School of Music.

This document sets out the terms and conditions (“Terms”) that will govern the relationship between us (Tafelmusik / Wirral School of Music) and you (the parent / carer / paying customer).

By registering for lessons with us or taking part in any other events or activities organised by us, you are entering into a binding contract with the Tafelmusik entity indicated at the bottom of this document.

Your agreement with us includes these Terms and our Privacy Notice (referred to together as the “Agreements”). If you don’t agree with (or cannot comply with) the Agreements, then we are unable to register you as a customer or student of Tafelmusik.

Commitment to lessons

  • Registration and commitment to lessons is for the minimum of one full academic term or the remainder of any given academic term at the point of registration, followed by each subsequent term thereafter
  • An academic term is defined as the following: Autumn Term – from the start of the academic year to the Christmas break; Spring Term – from the Christmas break to the Spring break; Summer Term – from the Spring break to the end of the academic year
  • The start and finish dates for each term are dictated by the venue at which the lessons take place, and shall be made available to view on our website

Fee payment

  • Fees for lessons are due upon enrolment and before lessons commence
  • Customers may opt to pay termly in advance or by direct debit
  • Requests to change payment method can only be done on a termly basis. Notice must be given to the office not less than two weeks before the end of the preceding term

Termly payment

  • Invoices will be emailed to customers at least three weeks before the due date, unless you have chosen to receive your invoice by an alternative method
  • Fees for the new term are due on or before the last day of the preceding term, which shall be indicated on each relevant invoice
  • Late payment of fees shall be subject to a £5 administration fee
  • Where fees are not paid on time, we cannot guarantee to hold a student’s regular timetabled day, time or teacher

Payment by direct debit

  • Where the option to pay by direct debit has been made available, the payment of fees shall be set by the conditions of the direct debit agreement
  • Cancellation of direct debit may only occur when:
    • Notice of termination of lessons has been given in accordance with our Terms (see ‘Termination of lessons), and
    • After a student has completed their final lesson as mutually agreed with us
  • Where a direct debit is cancelled early and not by mutual consent with us, the customer is still liable to pay any outstanding fees as per our termination policy. Tafelmusik reserves the right to reclaim from the customer any costs incurred with the recovery of any unpaid fees

Termination of lessons

  • Termination of lessons may only occur at the end of any given term
  • Notice to terminate lessons must be given in writing, not later than one week before the end of that term
    • “In writing” means by letter, delivered to our office address as detailed at the end of this document, or by email to office@tafelmusik.co.uk.
    • Notice to terminate will be deemed as accepted once we have notified you of receipt of your written request
  • Failure to give such notice will render the customer liable for the fees for a further term
  • New students may terminate their agreement with us, in writing, within 14 days of registration
    • A “new student” is anyone who registers for lessons which they have not enrolled for previously (this includes any existing students who are signing up for an additional instrument)
    • The date of registration will be the date upon which the customer signs our enrolment form
    • Any lessons attended during this 14 day period must be paid for upon notification of termination

Individual lesson cancellation

Cancellation by the teacher

  • Lessons cancelled by the teacher will be made up within two terms
  • On the rare occasion where this should not be possible, we reserve the right to provide a lesson with an alternative teacher where appropriate. If this is not appropriate, we shall either provide a refund or a credit to the customer’s account for the amount of each individual lesson not taught

Cancellation by the student

  • Lessons missed through the student’s non-attendance will be charged for unless the circumstances, in our opinion, warrant a special concession
  • We will do our best to make up lessons missed by the student within two terms providing all fees have been paid promptly, though this cannot be guaranteed
  • Where notice of absence has been given in advance, we will attempt to rearrange the lesson should the teacher be able to accommodate, though this cannot be guaranteed

Lessons taking place in primary and secondary schools

  • Where lessons are held at a venue other than 43 Shrewsbury Road, Prenton, the customer or student must directly inform Tafelmusik in advance of any activities which may impact upon lessons. This will allow us to make alternative arrangements for lessons, if possible

Examinations/Concerts/Competitions/Public Performances

  • The student will not be entered for any examination, competition or performance in public without the permission of the teacher and student and/or parent/carer (where student is aged under 18)

General Terms

  • Terms and conditions will be reviewed annually. We reserve the right to make changes to these terms at any time, but we will notify you if this happens
  • These terms and conditions are available to view on our website at www.tafelmusik.co.uk/policies/terms, but should you need a paper copy, our office would be happy to provide this


This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales.