Junior Piano Group Review

On Friday 1st December a group of enthusiastic young musicians attended our Junior Piano Group.

The purpose of the Junior Piano Group is to give young pianists the opportunity to enjoy group music making. Members take turns in playing to each other and are invited to offer helpful advice after each performance.

There is a special rule that says that we are only to offer constructive positive advice. We listen carefully and try to discover elements in each performance that makes it special. Some very useful suggestions were made by the members.

We learned that getting our hands in position before we start playing was helpful and one member suggested that counting a bar before we start helped us in choosing the correct speed.

We also all agreed that a performance that showed some dynamics (loud and quiet playing) was more interesting for the audience to listen to.

All young musicians responded well to the suggestions of the other members and it was an enjoyable, fun atmosphere.

Apart from listening to each other we took part in rhythmic games that made us concentrate and it was a challenge to see who could last the longest in maintaining a rhythm.

As well as solo playing members enjoyed performing as a group and there was even an opportunity to do some composition.

Many thanks to all of the young musicians who took part and we were delighted that parents sat in the session.

All young pianists are invited to join the piano group which is free of charge. Please contact us to reserve your place in advance to avoid disappointment. The Junior Instrumental Group will also be starting this December.

The next meeting of the Junior Piano Group will be on Friday 26 January 2018 at 6.30pm and with further sessions on 23 February and 23 March.

We look forward to see you there.

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