Tafelmusik are introducing an unique coaching programme specifically designed for pupils who are already having music lessons.

The emphasis will be upon developing activities that will motivate and  encourage pupils to get the best out of themselves and the time they spend practising.

This support includes:

  • A personal program devised by you and your coach.
  • A considerable amount of material to download
    • Sight Reading Examples
    • Theory lessons
    • Sheet music that you may wish to learn
    • Scales and arpeggios  – plus practice checklists
    • Technical exercises
    • Aural tests
  • Links to videos
    • Tips on how to practise
    • Demonstration on how to play the music that you are studying – including exam pieces.
  • Regular meetings either individually or in groups to ensure that you are on track
  • Opportunities to record or video your playing
  • Free concerts, lessons and masterclasses
  • Feedback and information for parents on how to support your child’s music making (for under 18’s)

Contact us for more information about coaching.